Haunted Attractions in San Diego, CA

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When you live near San Diego, CA you are never far from some truly spine tingling haunted attractions. If you’re someone who enjoys being afraid during the month of October, you’ll love all the multitude of haunted attractions they have locally. These attractions are truly horrifying. This is one compelling reason why if you’re around during October, visiting some of these haunted attractions is something you should be doing if you aren't already. If you are going, or you plan to be, be sure to check out these spooky local haunts. One haunted attraction that is a must see is The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park.


Experience a stroll through Balboa you’ll never forget as you walk down this haunted trail. The trail is just part of the fun, there are also haunted mazes you can go through and be scared out of your wits. No matter how prepared you are for this haunted attraction, you're sure to experience a scare like never before. A couple of faces you’re sure to recognize but don’t want to run into. You’ll truly enjoy the different scary themes they have and all the great fun of being at The Haunted Trail of Balboa Park.  

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